Expanded Architecture at The Rocks Catalogue out now through Broken Dimanche Press Berlin

Expanded Architecture At The Rocks was an exhibition and symposium on the notion of Reverse Projections, that is drawing multifarious aspects of the urban environment into site-specific spatial art practices. This exhibition and symposium was part of Sydney Architecture Festival and The Rocks Pop Up Program in 2013.

This catalogue features all works from the Exhibition, including works by:
Zanny Begg, Ross Anderson, Simon Weir and Kevin Liu, Edward Leckie and Lindsay Webb, Rachel Couper, Ivana Kuzmanovska and Kate Dunn, Michael Tawa and Lymesmith / Sonia van de Haar, Cristina Garduño Freeman, Antonia Fredman and Vicki Leibowitz, Joshua Lynch and Richard Goodwin, Sarah Breen Lovett, Ben Norris and Jun Ming.
Full papers from the Academic Symposium are also included, by:
Michael Tawa, Thea Brejzek and Lawrence Wallen, Kate Richards, Cristina Garduño Freeman, Antonia Fredman and Vicki Leibowitz, Yvette Hamilton, Campbell Drake, Ross Anderson and Rochus Urban Hinkel
Critical Reflection by Victoria Jackson Wyatt
Editors: Claudia Perren and Sarah Breen Lovett